About Me

Heyo! Nice to meet you I'm Stephanie. I am a graphic designer illustrator based in Burbank, California. Currently looking for my first design position.I have been freelancing since 2018 and I prioritize communication and client satisfaction. I enjoy doing creative work digitally as well as refining my skills in art. I am a colorful individual powered by sleep and sunlight. Thank you for reading and I look forward to working with you!


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Video Game Illustrations

Helping Young People Excel Los Angeles (HYPE) is a non-profit organization who help young students in the Los Angeles area reach higher education by giving them guidance and resources they need. This was a suggested design solution for HYPE who were looking for a complete rebranding to attract donors to their organization.

Logo Process

This mark symbolizes the student and mentor relationship of HYPE. The students represent the body of the hawk determined to succeed for a higher education and the wings symbolize HYPE lifting the students upward guiding them throughout their journey. Mock ups and photography by Stephanie Yha.

Five Roots

A hypothetical brand of iced tea based on Japanese bonsai trees. This project was inspired by a visit to a bonsai gallery. Mock ups and photography by Stephanie Yha.

Catalogs & Brochures

Peru Culture Kit

Concept for a Peruvian culture kit designed to be sold in international airports to tourists. The kit is built from bookbinding board and a colorful cloth handle. It closes magnetically providing easy access. Comes packaged with a travel guide to Peru, chocolate made from Peruvian cacao, a Spanish phrase deck, and a lovable llama plushie.

The Sun Scorched Tiger

Personal design of a stylized tiger focused on the intense atmosphere of the wild animal using dynamic lines. Hand drawn using colored pencils and ink then digitally rendered.

The Letters that "Speak"

A hypothetical poster for an event at the Smithsonian that features one of her fonts, Buttermilk.